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Cancer Biology

Carla Finkelstein

The Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech's commitment to cancer research is evident in its support of scientists studying numerous aspects of the disease, including environmental factors that may play a role in cancer initiation, molecular and cellular events leading to the deregulation of cellular functions, and discovery and application of creative and cutting-edge technologies for cancer treatment.  The institute encourages collaboration among researchers from wide-ranging backgrounds, including engineering, virology, biological sciences, and human nutrition, foods and exercise.

In 2009, Fralin Cancer Initiative Funds were used to establish the Fralin-VT Core Cancer Group. The group strengthens Virginia Tech’s cancer research impact by training undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students in basic cancer research.  The grouping of researchers from diverse backgrounds has led to new, multi-disciplinary projects that tackle the cancer problem from an innovative and progressive standpoint.

Fralin Life Sciences Cancer Biology Researchers


Daniela Cimini
Biological Sciences
(540) 231-3922

Rafael Davalos
Biomedical Engineering
(540) 231-1979

Carla Finkielstein
Biological Sciences
(540) 231-1159

Iuliana Lazar
Biological Sciences
(540) 231-5077

Liwu Li
Biological Sciences
(540) 231-1433

Young Ju
Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
(540) 231-6168

Chris Roberts
Biomedical Science
(540) 231-7949

Eva Schmelz
Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise
(540) 231-3649

Jianhua Xing 
Biological Sciences
(540) 231-1359