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Available Support

Dennis Dean

Dennis Dean;; 540-231-5895
As GSS DA Stakeholder Committee Chair, Dr. Dennis Dean, in conjunction with the Stakeholder Committee, is responsible for setting the strategic direction and resource investment decisions of the DA.  He is available to assist groups with any questions or problems they have.  


Janet Webster

Janet Webster;; (540) 231-9547
As the GSS DA’s program manager, Dr. Webster is available to help groups with any questions or problems they may have.  She is available to help teams with any effort related to the GSS DA, including administrative, logistical, financial, proposal development, curriculum development, and hiring plan assistance. 


Dustin Covey

Dustin Covey;; (540) 231-9151
As the GSS DA’s IT Support, Dustin is available to help groups with any technology related questions or problems they may have.  He is available to help groups with any software, hardware, or website needs. 


john little

Systems Integration
Dr. John Little will work with the leaders of the GSS concept groups to integrate concepts within the GSS and with other DAs and SGAs.  He will reconvene a larger group of program managers and stakeholders from the DAs and SGAs to facilitate a systems of systems approach across the destination areas. 


bill hopkins

Policy Integration
Policy considerations are a common thread throughout concept areas within the GSS DA.  Dr. Bill Hopkins will work closely with the Policy SGA to encourage and facilitate linkages between the GSS DA and the Policy SGA.