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All Seminars (Spring 2017)

From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A tale of Toads and Men

January 20th

Dr. Tyrone Hayes,  Hosted by Dr. F. Schubot

Relief of Period2 post-transcriptional regulation by 3’-UTR promotes PERIOD2 accumulation and enhances circadian amplitude. 

January 27th

Dr. Seung-Hee Yoo,  Hosted by Dr. S. Kojima

Robustness of rotary catalysis of F 1-ATPase

February 3rd

Dr. Hiroyuki Noji,  Hosted by Dr. Z. Yang

The Hunt for Pheromone-Biosynthesizing Enzymes in Pine Bark Beetles

February 10th

Dr. Claus Tittiger,  Hosted by Dr. D. Tholl

Small RNAs fighting genome invaders: from bacteria to mammals

February 17th

Dr. Alexei Aravin,  Hosted by Dr. Igor Sharakhov

Hungry and sticky or fat and vicious? Strategic switches in the bacterial plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum

February 24th

Dr. Caitilyn Allen,  Hosted by Dr. B Vinatzer

Imaging Hepatitis C Virus Entry Into Polarized Hepatic Organoids

March 3rd

Dr. Glenn Randall,  Hosted by Dr. X. Wang

The domestic cat taste system: Bitter receptors

March 10th

Dr. Michelle Sandau,  Hosted by Dr. D. Good

SLC26A3: A novel therapeutic target for diarrheal diseases

March 17th

Dr. Pradeep Dudeja,  Hosted by Dr. L. Yuan

Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Flies: Molecules, Neurons and Circuits

March 24th

Dr. Michael Rosbash,  Hosted by Dr. C. Finkelstein


Interplay between posttranslational modifications regulate animal circadian clock

March 31st

Dr. Joanna Chiu,  Hosted by Dr. D. Capelluto

Bacterial antagonism in the mammalian gut microbiota

April 7th

Dr. Laurie Comstock,  Hosted by Dr. A Stevens

Dancing protein clouds: Intrinsically disordered proteins

April 14th

Dr. Vladimir Uversky,  Dr. Bin Xu

Modelling Zika virus in mice: What have we learned so far?

April 21st

Dr. Daniela Verthelyi,  Hosted by Dr. A. Ahmed

The Making and Breaking of Dynamic Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments in Mitosis 

April 28th

Dr. Jennifer DeLuca,  Hosted by Dr. D. Cimini