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Genevestigator is a software that works on personal computer with online access to the home server to mine transcriptomics data for 7 animal species (Human, Rat, Mouse, Macaque, Dog, Pig and Drosophila), 12 plant species (Arabidopsis, Cabbage, Soybean, Barley, Medicago, Tobacco, Rice, Physcomitrella, Tomato, Sorghum, Wheat and Maize), and two microbes (E. coli, and Yeast).

It works on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Software Capabilities

  • 10,000+ product users - biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists, software developers
  • Cited by researchers worldwide in over 7,000 publications
  • 21 tools to answer a wide range of questions and enable versatile data visualization
  • Annotated gene expression data from over 300,000 samples and 5,000 studies
  • High-diversity content for context maximization¬†
    • 500 diseases
    • 19 therapeutic areas
    • 50,000 different experimental conditions
    • 1,900 different drugs and compounds
    • 1,500 different cell lines
    • 500 types of tissues and primary cells
    • Biopharma organisms: human, mouse, rat, monkey, dog, pig, drosophila, micro-organisms
    • Agrobiotech organisms: Arabidopsis, rice, wheat, corn, soybean, barley, tomato, tobacco, sorghum, earthmoss

Access to Genevestigator at Virginia Tech

The Translational Plant Sciences program is covering the annual license to provide access to all Virginia Tech researchers to the Genevestigator tool.

To login, you need to register with your email (mandatory, no other email domain will work), and set up your password. Once you created your account, you choose between the Biopharma (Animals) and AgroBiotech (Plants) datasets, and you are ready to mine transcriptomics data.

Training Materials

Videos to help you working with Genevestigator:

Genevestigator manual (pdf):

Contact Information

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Genevestigator Home Page
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