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Richard F. Helm, Associate Professor, with the Mass Spectrometry Incubator

New Developments

Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, commonly known as PFAS (or forever chemicals), are synthetic compounds associated with the production of everyday items. Almost all Americans have detectable levels of PFAS in their blood, and the substances can be detected in many of our water supplies. 

The VT-MSI has developed LC-MS based assays for the most common PFAS, based upon EPA Method 537.1, as well as the developing protocol known as EPA Draft Method 1633. If you have a project that requires the determination of PFAS, please contact us.

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Our Mission

The Mass Spectrometry Research Incubator (VT-MSI) is an open facility that supports Virginia Tech's research infrastructure as a mass spectrometry analysis and education center. The facility provides the tools and skills needed for answering key questions in chemical and life sciences research.

About the Facility

The VT-MSI is designed to serve both funded research and proposal development efforts. As a collaborative research "incubator" we seek to develop and expand mass spectrometry-based proteomic and metabolomic efforts on the VT campus. We provide training in the areas of sample preparation, instrument operation and data analysis, with strong emphasis on the metadata and analytical requirements for publication of metabolomic and proteomic results.  

Funding for the facility operations is provided in large part by the Department of Biochemistry and the Fralin Life Sciences Institute. Other key contributors include ICTAS and the Departments of Animal and Poultry Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise, and Plant Pathology and Weed Science.

Those interested in proteomic or metabolomic work are strongly encouraged to contact the VT-MSI before embarking on proposal development, experimental design and/or sample collection. 

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Rich Helm


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Mass Spectrometry Incubator
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