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Institute Leadership Team

Robin McCarley

As executive director, Rob McCarley is responsible for overseeing investments, including recruitment and start-up support for new institute-affiliated faculty members, retention and recognition of established faculty members, investments in thematic research centers, seed funds for new research projects, equipment purchases, core services, graduate student recruitment and support, undergraduate research support, and support for outreach activities. McCarley reports to Dan Sui, the senior vice president for research and innovation

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Bill Hopkins

Dr. Bill Hopkins
Associate Executive Director
Faculty Liasion

Kiyah Duffey

Dr. Kiyah Duffey
Director, Strategic Initiatives
Institute-level Intiatives

Kirk Felton

Kirk Felton
Director, Operations
Operations and Administration

Erin Cassidy

Erin Cassidy
Director, Talent Management
Human Resources

Janet Webster

Dr. Janet Webster
Director, Proposal Development
Pre-Award Proposal Advisor