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Environmental Health and Safety Office

Student using lab equipment.

The five flagship buildings of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute (Steger Hall, Latham Hall, Integrated Life Sciences Building, Fralin Hall, and Life Sciences 1) have an assigned Compliance Advisory Specialist through the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office.

Here are just some of the ways the Environmental Health and Safety Office can assist:

  • Reviewing the EHS onboarding recommendations with new Principal Investigators
  • Connecting PIs and lab personnel to key stakeholders across campus (e.g., committees, core facilities, departments)
  • Consultations on national and international shipping requirements for research materials
  • Providing safety recommendations based on risk assessment and liaising with the EHS subject matter experts as needed
  • Answering waste handling and waste disposal questions and concerns
  • Assisting PIs with permit application related questions (APHIS, USDA, CDC, FWL etc.)
  • Help labs prepare for external audits
  • Provide guidance in case of emergency, spill, incidents or accidents.