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Fralin Life Sciences Institute

 Janet Webster

Janet Webster    (540) 231-9547

Expertise: Proposal management, Editing, Writing, Summit and Cayuse, Data Tables, Biosketches, Letters of Support, etc., Reviewing, Adherence to funding requirements, Finding funding


For specific questions about resources and other items related to VT-FAST, please contact Janet Webster. 
Kristy Collins

Kristy Collins    (540) 231-1389

Expertise: Broader Impacts, various established programs that faculty can plug into (e.g. Kids' Tech University), Biotechnology Educators Conference, high school programs, REU-like programs for undergrads, hands-on campus activities, experience facilitating VT IRB regulated experiment studies.


Office of Research and Innovation

Eleanor Nelsen

Eleanor Nelsen   (540) 231-2761

Virginia Tech Office of Research + Innovation
Senior Research Development Coordinator

Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science

Amanda Covey

Amanda Covey    (540) 231-1484

Expertise: Nominations and Awards
Ginger Williams

Ginger Williams

Expertise: Budgeting

Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE)

Yancey Crawford

Yancey Crawford    (540) 231-7962

Expertise: Editing, Reviewing, Cayuse, Summit, Budget


Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology

Julee Farley

Julee Farley

Expertise: Assisting in the creation of partnerships with Montgomery County Public Schools and Radford City Public Schools, developing and aligning broader impact activities which are aligned with school needs and state standards.
Ginger Williams

Ginger Williams

Expertise: Budgeting

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Kira Gantt

Kira Gantt    (540) 231-2450

College of Veterinary Medicine

 Jessica Crawford

Jessica Crawford    (540) 231-1814

Expertise: Proposal development, Budgeting, Compliance, Postaward management, Cayuse, Summit, Start-to-Finish help


College of Science

Andrew Volker

Andrew Volker    (540) 231-8739

Expertise: Administration, Finding funding, Large proposals, Junior faculty assistance


University Libraries

 Michael Stamper

Michael Stamper    (540) 231-1715

Expertise: Data visualization, Data graphics



 Jon Petters

Jon Petters    (540) 232-8682

Expertise: Data management plans, Data sharing plans



Connie Stovall

Connie Stovall    540-231-4802

Foundation Relations

Foundation Relations develops a best-practices fundraising platform while advancing philanthropic foundation partnerships strategically aligned with the vision and priorities of Virginia Tech.

Tracy Krauchun

Tracy Krauchun    (540) 231-2896

Director of Foundation Relations



The Statistical Applications and Innovations Group (SAIG)

SAIG helps faculty, staff, and students apply the most modern techniques to both big and small data across University disciplines.  Power your research and your proposal with SAIG! 

Jennifer Van Mullekom

Jennifer Van Mullekom    (540) 231-6244

Expertise: Walk-in consultations, short term collaborations, and statistical training.  Resource long-term collaborations for sponsored research.  Study design, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting, including assistance in preparing publications.