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Fralin Hall Auditorium

The Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech is pleased to offer the use of the Fralin Hall Auditorium to the wider university community.  The auditorium accommodates a maximum of 100 people and can be used as a regular teaching space for classes throughout the semester or for one-off events.  It has recently been refurbished with state-of-the-art, simple to use electronics for your convenience.  If your event includes a reception and/or delivery of food items, you will need to reserve the Fralin Atrium in addition to the auditorium.

Fralin Hall Equipment Scheduler

Fralin equipment and resources can be scheduled for use  via our online Reservation System. See the Fralin Hall Equipment Scheduler page for information needed before using the reservation system.

Fralin Imaging Center

A state-of-the-art Zeiss LSM 880 confocal laser scanning microscope is available to Virginia Tech researchers through the Fralin Imaging Center. The instrument is operated on a fee-for-use basis as a university service center.

Genomics Sequencing Center

The Genomics Sequencing Center offers the necessary combination of highly-skilled molecular biologists and the latest in Next-Generation Sequencing technologies to help research clients realize successful end goals.


Genevestigator is a software that works on personal computer with online access to the home server to mine transcriptomics data for 7 animal species (Human, Rat, Mouse, Macaque, Dog, Pig and Drosophila), 12 plant species (Arabidopsis, Cabbage, Soybean, Barley, Medicago, Tobacco, Rice, Physcomitrella, Tomato, Sorghum, Wheat and Maize), and two microbes (E. coli, and Yeast).

Global Systems Science Destination Area

The Global Systems Science Destination Area (GSS DA) is envisioned to be a transformative approach to problem solving that harnesses the unique strengths of Virginia Tech together with its institutional culture and mandate for service.

Lasergene Software

Lasergene client software can be downloaded from Note that access to the download site is restricted to faculty and staff.

Metabolic Phenotyping Core

The Metabolism Core at Virginia Tech offers sophisticated in-vivo and in-vitro experimental tools to internal and external investigators at competitive rates. While the core primarily specializes in metabolic phenotyping of mouse models, the core also services both human and animal samples that are fresh and cryo-preserved.

Steger Hall Conference Center

The Steger Hall Conference Center offers a 176-person capacity, tiered, theater-style auditorium. It serves as a space for large meetings, trainings, seminars and presentations and is available to the VT community to reserve.