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The Virginia Tech Life Science Seminars (VTLSS) is a university-wide seminar series funded by the Fralin Life Sciences Institute. The seminars take place on Fridays at 12:00pm via Zoom or in the Fralin Auditorium, which is located in Fralin Hall. These interdisciplinary seminars are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff. You are not required to be in life sciences to attend; if a subject matter is of interest to you, we welcome your participation.

Seminars are given by renowned scientists from the US and abroad whose research connects to the life sciences disciplines at Virginia Tech. Some past seminars are available on our Youtube playlist.

Some seminars will be hosted in person, and some will be virtual.
You can find the location or Zoom link for each seminar in the Schedule below.

Aug 27 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Jennifer Guler, UVA
The AT-rich genome and flexible metabolism poises the malaria parasite for adaptation

Sept 3 at 12:00pm in Fralin Auditorium, Live on YouTube
Carla Finkielstein, Virginia Tech
Exploiting molecular circadian crosstalk mechanisms for cancer treatment

Sept 10 at 12:00pm
Raymond Wheeler, NASA
Bioregenerative Life Support for Space Exploration: Kennedy Space Center’s Contributions

Sept 17 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Rommie Amaro, UCSD
Computational Microscopy of SARS-CoV-2

Sept 24 at 12:00pm in Fralin Auditorium and live on YouTube
Gianluca Tosini
Understanding melatonin receptor function: latest insights from mouse models, and their relevance to human disease.

Oct 1 at 12:00pm in Fralin Auditorium
Aimee Shen, Tufts University
Of spores and cells: Adventures in Clostridioides difficile Physiology

Oct 8 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Sahand Rahi, EPFL Lausanne
Optimal checkpoint strategies

Oct 15 at 12:00pm in via Zoom
Kim Williamson, Uniformed Services University
Plasmodium's dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?

Oct 22 at 12:00pm in Fralin Auditorium and live on YouTube
Mike Roberts, Univeristy of Missouri
Developmental Plasticity of Primed/Epiblast-Type Pluripotent Stem Cells: Models for Early Trophoblast?

Oct 29 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Colin Hill, University College Cork, Ireland
Gut phageome; who’s there and why should we care?

Nov 5 at 12:00pm in Fralin Auditorium
Michael Overduin, University of Alberta
Extending the genetic code to the membrane code: phosphoinositide readers, signal erasers and pathogenic infiltrators

Nov 12 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Jason Stumpff, University of Vermont
Powering on and off the forces that move mitotic chromosomes

Nov 19 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Monica Dus, University of Michigan
Confection Confusion: Diet, Genes, and Brains

Dec 3 at 12:00pm via Zoom
Padmini Rangamani, USCD
Modeling membrane curvature generation: considerations of membrane-protein interaction and membrane-actin interactions

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In order to nominate a speaker please fill out the form found here. Please note that only VT faculty are allowed to nominate and host VTLSS speakers. The VTLSS faculty committee will review the nomination and email the faculty member with permission to extend a formal invitation to the nominated speaker. Faculty are allowed to submit multiple nominations, but each faculty member is only allowed to invite and host one speaker per semester.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Angela Worrell.

The VTLSS faculty committee consists of:

Committee Member Email
Michelle Olsen
Silke Hauf
Clay Caswell
Tim Jarome
Ryan Senger
Jim Westwood
Joel McGlothlin