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Facility for Advanced Imaging & Microscopy

The Facility for Advanced Imaging & Microscopy (FAIM)is a part of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech.

FAIM houses cutting edge light microscopy instruments, including confocal and super resolution systems. The mission of FAIM is to provide investigators with the tools and training required for their specific research questions.

Services Offered

  • Assisted use on microscopes for untrained users who will not need much immediate imaging.

  • Training for regular microscope users to access and operate a microscope independently.
    • Ongoing support for all users and potential users of the facility.
  • Consultations for new users regarding:
    • Microscope matching – What’s the right tool for the job
    • Microscope trials – Does this provide the images I need to answer my question?
    • Experimental design – How can I get started with this protocol/project?
    • Post-processing and analysis – How do I get started with analyzing my images?
  • Workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities regarding microscopy, the facility, and image processing and analysis
Emery Ng


Emery Ng, Ph.D.
Director, Facility for Advanced Imaging and Microscopy
(540) 232-2357

172B, Steger Hall
1015 Life Sciences Circle
Blacksburg, VA, 24061