Sukhmanpreet’s work focuses on the interaction between carrots and parasitic plants. Parasitic plants completely depends on other plants in order to survive, that leads to loss in carrots’ yield by stealing their sugar sources, and make them undesirable in many ways. Sukhmanpreet hopes to identify the genetic mechanisms behind carrots resistance to parasitic plants. Ultimately, she hopes that this mechanism gets utilized in management pratices of parasitic plants and to provide society with great tasty carrots!

Sukhmanpreet’s long-term goal is to become a professional researcher that can also contribute to the community and promote learning. She hopes to investigate all sorts of interactions ongoing between plants and other organisms.

When Sukhmanpreet is not in the lab she can be found cooking delicious Indian food and going on gorgeous hikes!

Recommendation for new students “Nothing works the first time. So, keep doing it until it happens, because believe me IT WILL HAPPEN. Always have boundaries to enjoy both your work and personal life.”