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Quality Control Services

GSC scientist Jennifer Jenrette preforming quality control.


The GSC offers a wide variety of quality control services to suit the needs of our clients. The samples must be submitted through our LIMS. The requirements for sample submission are listed in the submission forms that can be downloaded from our LIMS.


Qubit Quantification

NanoDrop Spectrophotometer

  • DNA quantitation by Qubit Fluorometer

RNA/DNA Quality Check

RNA quantation by NanoDrop: GSC routinely performs NanoDrop quantitation for samples submitted for RNA quality check by TapeStation and for NGS samples.

Agilent Tape Station

Researchers can submit both RNA and Illumina libraries for quality check. Please check the Sample Submission forms for more details.


  • RNA with RIN ≥ 8.0 are best for NGS and other projects.
  • Standard RNA TapeStation
  • High Sensitivity RNA TapeStation


  • DNA 1000
  • High Sensitivity DNA1000

DNA Shearing

Samples for Covaris must be submitted through our LIMS.

Covaris M220: GSC provides shearing of both DNA and chromatin. For Chromatin shearing we recommend an optimization before submitting experimental samples.


Quality Control Services
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