Daniel Slade

Assistant Professor - Biochemistry

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Dr. Slade works at the interface of bioinformatics, chemistry, and biology to determine the role of bacterial infections in inflammatory diseases such as cancer, with a focus on understanding the role of surface bound and secreted virulence factors.


More than 15 percent of carcinomas can be attributed to known infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses.  Dr. Slade’s lab uses a biochemistry based approach to decipher the roles of specific proteins used by bacteria to survive within humans, and how these proteins in turn affect the local host environment and define the inflammatory profile of each bacterium.  The goal of the lab is to be a true ‘bench to beside’ laboratory by using bacterial genetics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, cell biology, chemical biology, and ultimately animal models to complement the in vitro characterization of a broad range of outer membrane bound and secreted proteins.