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Dini Miller

Associate Professor
  • Department of Entomology
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Research Interest:

Urban Pest Management (Dodson Pest Management Lab)   


Dr. Miller’s research focuses on urban pest management, particularly bed bug biology, behavior, and control, that specifically aims at the evaluation and enhancement of reduced toxicity methods for structural pest control. This is incorporated in broader extension programs, with follow-up action plans for infestation management in different environments.


Dr. Miller’s extension program is designed to train pest management professionals, public health officials, apartment and hotel managers, and homeowners to control indoor pests while reducing their pesticide exposure risk. Likewise, her research program focuses on reducing toxicity methods for structural pest control. She published one of the first scientific papers evaluating modern bed bug response to insecticide treatments in the field. Specific projects include, assessing the value of Integrated Pest Management in VA public housing and public schools, termite baiting systems/technology improvements, identification and succession of pest ant species in Puerto Rican housing developments, managing VA’s imported red fire ants, assessing the cost of German cockroach control in public housing, efficacy of bed bug management products and strategies, and developing a VA termite task force.