Iuliana Lazar

  • Biological Sciences
  • College of Science


Dr. Lazar's research is focused on oncoproteomics, breast cancer cell cycle, signaling, biomarker discovery, development of mass spectrometry and microfluidic technologies for the interrogation of biological systems.

Lazar Research


Cancer is a disease of the cell cycle that results in uncontrolled proliferation of cells. In our laboratory, we explore the molecular mechanisms of breast cancer cell cycle regulation by using holistic, mass spectrometry-based systems biology approaches. We develop proteomic technologies for investigating the pathways that enable cancer cells to bypass tightly regulated molecular checkpoints, proliferate in an unrestrained manner, metastasize and hijack normal biological function. Further, we capitalize on the power of our proteomic data to identify novel therapeutic drug-targets, and to develop microfluidic architectures for targeted detection of biomarkers indicative of disease.