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Translational Plant Sciences


Since its beginnings as an incubator program in Fralin Hall, the translational plant sciences program at Virginia Tech has grown exponentially, acquiring multiple faculty members and students who occupy the majority of labs and offices in the recently constructed Latham Hall. Virginia Tech plant scientists use molecular biology skills, processes, and technologies to impact real world issues, including improvements in agricultural productivity, human health, and sustainable energy.  With twenty faculty members from seven departments and three colleges devoted to work in this area, the program is truly multidisciplinary, with specialty in plant genomics, disease resistance, metabolic engineering, bio-production, bioprocessing, and forest biotechnology.

In 2005, the translational plant sciences graduate program was initiated, allowing students to sample research avenues before choosing a concentration in the second or third semesters. Already, current and former students have published in top-tier journals and presented at many national and international conferences.  The Fralin Life Science Institute has contributed to the success of the program by providing funding for faculty research, undergraduate and graduate student stipends, and equipment. For more information on the Translational Plant Sciences program, visit: