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Steger Hall Room Reservations

Steger Hall is home to a variety of meeting spaces that can be reserved for Virginia Tech events. Below you will find instructions on how to reserve the room spaces. Please contact with further questions about room reservations.

The Conference Center/Auditorium is available for reservation Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. only. All events must conclude by 5:00 p.m. We occasionally allow events to take place beyond regular hours and on weekends. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Steger Conference Center/Auditorium specs can be found here. Please review the specs to ensure the space will meet your needs.
  • To reserve the conference center/auditorium or Room 118, please complete the Steger Hall Request Form
  • If you are using or 145 or 118 for the first time, contact FLSI IT at least 24 hours prior to your event to review procedures and equipment.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the conference center. 
  • There is a credenza in the small lobby directly outside the conference center that can be used to place refreshments. If you require a table or tables and tablecloth(s), please indicate when completing the reservation request form.
  • Reservations can be made using a QR code located at the entrance of the room. Detailed instructions for reserving are also below.
  • Create a meeting in your Google Calendar and select the “Rooms” tab.
Google Calendar Example

In the search field, type “steg”, to display only the rooms in Steger Hall. Under the search field, there is a dropdown menu where only available rooms or ‘include unavailable’ rooms can be selected. If looking for availability in a specific room, select ‘include unavailable’.

Click on the room name to populate the schedules of those rooms into the meeting request. This action will add the calendars as overlays onto your calendar as well as any meeting participants (on the Guests tab) that you’ve included.

Google Calendar Rooms Example

Once the room(s) have been selected, select the Find a Time tab to display the calendar with the overlays of your calendar, the room calendars, and any meeting participants.

Google Calendar Example

The meetings already booked into the rooms selected will appear in the colors as coded on the bottom right. In this instance, gray for room 200 and light green for room 300. The view below shows the ‘week’. ‘Day’ view is also available.

Google Calendar Example

Once you’ve identified a good time and room, be sure to de-select any rooms that won’t be used in order to free up that time for others. Save and send your meeting as normal. The room is now booked and the meeting is on your calendar.

Viewing Room Calendars

Scan the Room Calendar QR Code on the signage on the room's door to view the room's schedule via Google Calendars. You can click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right to save the calendar to your Google Calendars for future use. You may be redirected to sign in to your VT account in order to add the calendar.

Google Calendar Example

If you would like to reserve Rooms 285, 325, or 343, review the room matrix under 'Need Help Deciding on a Room' to ensure they will meet your space needs. Reservations can be made by emailing

If you are reserving Rooms 118 or 145 (or any other room and you will need IT or Facilities assistance), please submit your reservation request using the Steger Hall Event Request Form.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, we recommend you contact FLSI IT at least 24 hours in advance of your event.

The following table can help familiarize you with available meeting rooms in Steger Hall. If you stil need assistance or have other questions, email

Steger Hall Room Matrix

Do I have to submit a request through Jira for every room reservation request?
If you need to reserve room 168, 200, 268, 300 or 368, there is a QR code on the door of each room which enables you to reserve the room.

If you need to reserve rooms 118 or 145 (aka conference center/auditorium) whether or not you are requesting IT and/or *Facilities assistance, please submit the reservation request through Jira using the following Steger Hall Event request form link.

If you need to reserve a room other than 118 or 145 (aka conference center/auditorium) and need IT and/or *Facilities assistance please submit the reservation request through Jira using the following  Steger Hall Event request form link.

If you need to reserve a room other than 118 or 145 and do not need IT and/or *Facilities assistance please contact the Front Desk team at

*Facilities assistance includes after hours access.

When should I submit a reservation request for meetings that will be repeated throughout the semester i.e.: lab meetings, office hours?
As soon as you are aware you need to reserve a room for meetings that will occur throughout the semester, please follow the instructions listed in the question above. The sooner the request is submitted the more likely the room you request will be available.

What if I have questions regarding IT set up for an event I have scheduled in Steger Hall?
Conference rooms in Steger Hall with zoom capabilities have a QR code in the room with zoom set up information. If you need further information regarding IT set up, please reach out to the FLSI IT team at

A 30-minute block for cleaning/sanitizing is added to my reservation. What are the expectations for cleaning the room?
In consideration of the next group using the room, we expect touched surfaces to be wiped down after your event/meeting.

I’m holding an event in Steger Hall, how do I find out about parking for the event attendees?
For all parking information, please refer to VT Parking Services.