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Viewing and Scheduling Room Calendars

Viewing Room Calendars

Scan the Room Calendar QR Code on the signage on the room's door to view the room's schedule via Google Calendars. You can click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right to save the calendar to your Google Calendars for future use. You may be redirected to sign in to your VT account in order to add the calendar.

Google Calendar Example

How to Reserve Time in Steger 168, 200, 268, 285, 300 and 368

Create a meeting in your Google Calendar and select the “Rooms” tab.

Rooms Tab

In the search field, type “steg”, to display only the rooms in Steger Hall. Under the search field, there is a dropdown menu where only available rooms or ‘include unavailable’ rooms can be selected. If looking for availability in a specific room, select ‘include unavailable’.

Click on the room name to populate the schedules of those rooms into the meeting request. This action will add the calendars as overlays onto your calendar as well as any meeting participants (on the Guests tab) that you’ve included.

Rooms Example

Once the room(s) have been selected, select the Find a Time tab to display the calendar with the overlays of your calendar, the room calendars, and any meeting participants.

Find a Time

The meetings already booked into the rooms selected will appear in the colors as coded on the bottom right. In this instance, gray for room 200 and light green for room 300. The view below shows the ‘week’. ‘Day’ view is also available.

Find a Time Example

Once you’ve identified a good time and room, be sure to de-select any rooms that won’t be used in order to free up that time for others.

Save and send your meeting as normal. The room is now booked and the meeting is on your calendar.

Please contact with further questions about room reservations.