Vivica Kraak

Assistant Professor
  • Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Dr. Kraak’s research focuses on food and nutrition policies that use population-based approaches to promote healthy, resilient, and sustainable food environments to prevent obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases in the United States and globally.


Dr. Kraak uses mixed-methods transdisciplinary research approaches to address complex public health challenges such as the global syndemic—undernutrition, obesity and climate change—to ensure corporate and government accountability for healthy, resilient, and sustainable food environments. Dr. Kraak’s research evaluates policies to prevent obesity, diet-related non-communicable diseases, and address climate change in the United States and globally. Recent completed research projects include evaluating the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Fruits & Veggies (FNV) Campaign; examining how chain restaurants use marketing-mix and choice-architecture strategies to create healthy food environments for customers; exploring how U.S. food, beverage and restaurant businesses use celebrity marketing to promote branded food and beverage products to Americans; and developing business engagement guidelines for government and civil society organizations to promote health.