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New Users Start Here

Have a potential confocal project? Start here!

If you have a potential project, the first step is to visit the facility for a discussion of your plans. We are happy to consult on potential projects and experimental design (for any microscopy or immuno detection-based research, not just confocal).


Training follows a discussion of research plans. The discussion(s) can be at any time, but the training itself will be scheduled when the researcher has samples nearly in hand (days to a week before the researcher wants to start confocal imaging).

  • Training is individual
  • Training is two sessions spread over 2–3 days.
  • Cost for training is microscope-use fee at $38/hour
  • All users of the Fralin Imaging Facility are requested to acknowledge the facility in formal publications and presentations that include data generated in the facility. We also appreciate receiving PDFs of such publications for our records.


  • All usage fees go to support the confocal facility
  • Rate is $38 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum
  • After the first hour, billing is $9.50/quarter hour
  • No assisted rates
  • External use rates available


  • Billing is done quarterly
  • An itemized bill is emailed to the user, who should check the bill for accuracy and process it for payment through HokieMart


  • Trained users have access to the facility 24/7.